CQASI12C1S16W Inverter SEER16
12.000 Btu/ 115V

Cool Only
Exclusive Inverter Technology
Cool Only
Golden Fin
Copper Pipe
More Quiet

Available colors:  White 

CHiQ Inverter uses the high efficiency compressor and quality DC Motors to ensure AC work stably, efficiently, safely and with energy-saving.

DC Motor

Compared with the conventional AC motor, our CHiQ DC Motor with wide range of speed control low-power and low noise.

180° Sine Wave Control
CHiQ Inverter air conditioner adopts the benchmark technology of 180 ° sine wave control. Compared with 120 square wave technology, it is better efficiency, lower energy consumption and better stability and reliability.

DC Two-Spool Compressor
CHiQ Inverter air conditioner uses high efficiency two-spool compressor, compared with one-spool compressor is smaller, shakiness and more stable.

0.1°C Accurate Sense

0.1 ° C accurate sense of technology under CHiQ Inverter works with the fine temperature capacity increased by 2-5 times than ordinary inverter air conditioners and can be based on indoor load to accurately adjust the refrigerant flow, all time room temperature 0.1 Fine control.

Not only can prevent the temperature overshoot brought by the waste of energy, but also avoids the temperature fluctuations caused by uncomfortable feeling, a fundamental solution to the phenomenon of hot and cold.

Golden Fin

Compare with traditional aluminum fin (blue fin) , golden hydraulic fin have a very unique coating. The using life lasts longer with a much better anti-erosion characteristic.

Copper Pipe

By adopting newly tooth-shape design high efficiency groove inner copper screw technology to enlarge the area between refrigerant and copper, the efficiency of heat exchange can be improved about 30-50%.

More Quiet

New Wind Tunnel Technology: the new technology effectively reduces the eddy phenomenon in the air duct for more smoothly air output and lower running noise.

CHiQ Energy Saving

1. Tooth-Shaped Inner-Grooved Copper Tube: By adopting the newly tooth-shape design high efficiency groove inner copper screw technology to enlarge the area between refrigerant and copper, the efficiency of heat exchange can be improved about 30-50%.

1. Tooth-Shaped Inner-Grooved Copper Tube: 2. C- shaped efficient evaporator: We use C-shaped evaporator, compared with the normal evaporators in the market our model have it's heat exchange area increased to 15-30%. At same time, it avoides the air reverse blowing increases 15-25% cooling and heating speed. It effectively reduce the noise level. 

3. 0.1w Standby: The digital green power design, industry top standby chip and intermittent oscillation mode are used to reduce the AC standby power comsumption to 0.1W,  This technology is far ahead of the same industry level. 1. Tooth-Shaped Inner-Grooved Copper Tube: 1. Tooth-Shaped Inner-Grooved Copper Tube: Non Equidistant Fan: our ACs uses non equidistant fan, scatter sound source, less resonance, less frequency, effectively lower noise.


SEER16 Inverter Model  CQASI12C1S16W
Power supplyPh-V-Hz 1Ph-110V-60Hz
CoolingCapacity  Btu/h;WW12000/ 3516
Rated currentA10.82
HeatingCapacity   Btu/h;WW/
Rated currentA/
Moisture Removal             L/h1.1
Max. input consumption        W1600
Max. current                A13.9
CompressorType Rotary
Rated current(RLA)A/
Locked rotor Amp(LRA)A/
Thermal protector NO
Refrigerant oilml300
Indoor motorBrand Broad-ocean
Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo)     m3/h550/500/450
Indoor noise level (Hi/Mi/Lo)dB(A)42/39/36
Indoor unitDimension (W*H*D)mm790×206×274
Net/Gross weightKg 9/11
Outdoor motorBrand Broad-ocean
Outdoor air flow             m3/h1800
Outdoor noise level         dB(A)52
Outdoor unitDimension(W*H*D)mm780×542×256
Packing  (W*H*D)mm900×600×340
Refrigerant type                                             R410A
Design pressure              MPa4.15
Refrigerant pipingLiquid side/ Gas sidemm6.35/9.52
Max. refrigerant pipe lengthm9
Max. difference in levelm5
Connection wiring        m1.5
Plug type  A
Thermostat type  T1
Operation temp               16~32
Ambient temp                16~43
Application area             m216~25
Loading QTY 40HQ SETS265